Who are we?

Alulastra is the leading crew of IT experts and enthusiastic people joined together for the mission of inspiration young startups , founders and to unlock value and bring their vision to life . Your ideas matter. We help startups and small/medium businesses through simple and minimalistic hybrid approach: Stylish, simple, accessible and cost-efficient

Our mission

To conquer the web-space, discover and enlighten the new project planets ,connect people and empower creators/startup founders around the world.

Why we exist?

Alulastra team, we see things as a space journey path which is lighter and more inspiring when walked together. We defined our values around the idea of being the best possible and versions of co-founders to each other, to our users and customers.

What we provide?

Focus to provide digital solutions and deliver powerful, production-grade applications for companies of every size. Our team of experts scopes, designs, and builds your product, in a fraction of time and cost of traditional developers.

Core beliefs:




Leadership is essential from the top of corporations to small businesses to creators to founders to parents to students. We all can be leaders.
Startup founders and Entrepreneurs are heroes who should be respected and celebrated for taking risks, launching products, creating jobs and building companies.
Innovations are a critically important parts of system that have advanced society and the quality of life we enjoy today.

Who we serve?

Established and aspirational entrepreneurs, startup founders, students, intrapreneurs, and leaders within all types of organizations (public/private/non-profit).

Corporate Social
Responsibility/ CSR

We ,Alulastra , are dedicated to explore galaxy IT-space opportunities by contributing to the local communities, and believe that active community involvement in innovation , self-realisation and testing own potentials benefits us all – our employees, our company and the communities in which we do business.

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